Suture Stitches

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“Suture Stitches” is a series of works where the thread becomes an essential element. The thread connects distinct and distant entities. It becomes an intimate bridge and rooted in rituals and silent, universal gestures. Connect is hold together, connect is strengthen.
A crack is a crack. It will always be visible and at the same time in that most fragile point. Here comes the need to sew to unite again. Something different and even more valuable comes out of it.
Something that, above all, it has been strengthened by a bond, thus made more resilient. The scars would somehow want to hide, as if they were things to be ashamed of. The same goes for broken objects, which inevitably lose value and up being thrown away.
Minoliti with “Suture Stitches” wants to enhance the scars, above all those of the soul, signs as indelible as they are necessary for a consolidation. Behind every scar, in fact there is a wound, with paths of more or less painful life, which you should be proud of and not ashamed of. That is why any scar can become interesting and even neautiful, of a beauty that no one can take away. And no longer to be hidden! It is to be exhibited!
The artist himself is marked by evident scars and maybe also by wounds still to be healed, which strongly influence his work.
The bond therefore, not only as a material union, but above all as the foundation of existence itself. In reality, the need tohave ties is intrinsically rooted in every living beings.
We often shatter pieces of human relationships too lightly. And there we throw away as useless objects without thinking about the suffering that it causes it follows. Instead, where it is worth it and the fragments are important, we should try to weld them with dedication and with the desire to make them stronger.