Minoliti Salvatore, born in Reggio Calabria in 1976, is an artist of eclectic education that since childhood approaches art starting a path of passionate study and learning of painting techniques.
After passing this intense phase of knowledge, the artist increasingly feels the anxiety to release his creative energy, to set his way of creating free from the limits of the convention.
The Art for Minoliti is so important that it coincides with very existence. It is imbued with passion, suffering, joy, fatigue, discomfort, beauty and not only in a purely aesthetic sense, but also as a wonderful and immodest expression of the imaginary, of the secrets hidden even to the conscience.
The act of creating becomes increasingly necessary and concretely therapeutic.
It’s an escape from everyday life that wants to devour him. The artist also feels a strong need to get in touch with the other, to communicate something, regardless of the nature and meaning of the message transmitted.
The certainty of being able to establish also an only point of contact with an other human being, means immense hope of liberation from cosmic solitude.
The latest works are composed by recovered materials, organized in the space in a three-dimensional way. The choice of three-dimensional is not random, but it’s awareness that it can’t totally cancel out spatial illusionism. Protagonist is not the canvas, surface painted for centuries, but it is the material that becomes fundamental element of space, subverting the classical perspective.
Therefore the material, originally bare and essential, reworked becomes artwork, so that the form coincides with that of the material itself. The series of works “Tangles” is clusters of intricate threads which remind the complex mazes of the brain.
Multiform meanders that speak of perdition and redemption, of courage and fear, of good and evil, of hidden mysteries and secrets jealously guarded. Inextricable braids, complicated labyrinths, in which it is easy to get lost, but whit a strong desire to untangle them somehow. So, the Minoliti’s tangles symbolize chaos, but at the same time the effort to impose an order on him.

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