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In the exhibition “Se7en Heaven – From Torment to Ecstasy”, held at the Sala Monteleone in the seat of the Regional Council of Calabria, Minoliti deals with the delicate subject of addictions and obsessions.
An addiction is an alteration in behavior which by common custom becomes a pathological condition, creeping into the brain in a way sneaky, without a choice of whether or not to let her in.
The dependent individual, in fact, tend to lose the ability of control about habit. And it is precisely this lack of « input » control and the resulting uncontrollable compulsions, despite full self-awareness, that led the artist to create the work “Read the leaflet carefully ”.
A head covered completely with a wide range of pills with an antibiotic in the mouth, ready to be ingested, represents Hypochondria.
The title itself is intended to be explanatory and provocative, highlighting the word ‘’carefully’’.
In fact, hypochondriac subjects are characterized by a constant concern for their own condition and by the anxious or even obsessive tendency to overestimate every minimum disturbance.

“Bluff” is a work that represent pathological gambling, a real trick to the brain. A poker card lodged in a brain that is bleeding could appear too crude in the eyes of the observer, but nothing is if compared to the psychological and economic damage that can cause the gambling.
In fact, this is one of the most devastating addictions and is increasingly especially among young people. It has a strong connection with the drug addiction.
So, the pathological gambler shows a growing loss of control, increasing the frequency of bets, the time spent playing the game, the sum spent in the apparent attempt of recoup their losses, investing more than they can afford.

It is obvious the allegory of work “Target”. Two cigarettes take the form of a double-barreled shotgun. The only vision would evoke scenarios of death and mass destruction.
The artist himself, as a retaliation, performs an act of destruction-creation, reducing to smithereens the cigarettes necessary for the realization of the work.
In fact, the inside of the two shotgun barrels is full of real tobacco, made from many destroyed cigarettes donated by smoking friends. The cigarettes/shotgun encloses, reveals and fires a pain alarm.